CIO Nordics Summit | May 10, 2022 | Copenhagen, Denmark



The New Workforce - Rethinking Security Strategy

Think Tank - 11:00 am - 11:25 am

The arrival of the covid19 pandemic is said to be one of the most powerful change agents the world has ever seen. Enforcing a more or less complete digitalization and virtualization of our workday overnight. Slowly and steadily, we are crawling our way back to our lives as they used to be, but some things will most likely be forever changed. 

  • What happens to us when we lose the familiar surroundings of the office over time? 
  • How does it affect the CIA-triangle of information security? 
  • How should we rewrite our security strategy to accommodate this new, virtual workforce?

Join Bjorn to discover his personal observations from the trenches during the past 18 months dealing with the pandemic in the role as CISO in financial services. He will share insights on data collected around employee awareness and security culture, and whether this has changed since working from home. Lastly, Bjorn will delve into possible angles to overcome these obstacles and how to move forward with a good security posture.